Quiz - 36 Current Affairs

November 7, 2017

1. Baratang Island is situated in-

    (A)Andaman Island                                                            

    (B)Barrier Island

    (C)Lakshadweep Island                                                    

    (D)Elephanta Island


2. Kazuo Ishiguro has won the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature. He is a citizen of-

    (A) Japan                                

    (B) China

    (C) Britain                                               

    (D) Indonesia


3. Namdapha National Park is situated in which state-

    (A) Arunachal Pradesh                      

    (B) Madhya Pradesh

    (C) Assam                                               

    (D) Tamilnadu


4. Who is the newly appointed president of Coca Cola-

    (A) T. Krishna Kumar                                           

    (B) Rajnish Kumar

    (C) Prafull Patel                    

    (D) Amresh Kumar


5. Who has been conferred with Noble Peace Prize 2017-

    (A) Juan Manuel Sautos                                   

    (B) ICAN

    (C)Donald Trump                

    (D) Khalida Zia


6. First ever Indian sports person who won a gold medal at the Wushu World Championship-

    (A) Pooja Kadian                                 

    (B) Geeta Phogat

    (C) Rashmi Shah                                  

    (D) Kavita Dalal


7. World’s first man made earth satellite was-

     (A) Sputnik 1                                         

     (B) Saral

     (C) INSAT-3F                                         

     (D) None


8. Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state-

     (A) Chattisgarh                                     

     (B) Assam

     (C) Arunachal Pradesh                                      

     (D) Manipur


9. Under the PMMY (Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana) how much amount has been provided under            Shishu loan?

     (A) upto 50,000                                    

     (B) from 75,000 to 11 lakh

     (C) from 50,000 to 5 lakh                                  

     (D) from 5,00000, to 10,00,000


10. First FIFA U-20 world cup was held in which country?

     (A) Ghana                                              

     (B) Tunisia

     (C) Spain                                 

     (D) France


11. Who is the president of European Council?

      (A) Jean clande                    

      (B) Donald Trump

      (C) Ban-Ki-moon                                 

      (D) Donald Tusk


12. Who was the captain for Indian team for FIFA World Cup U-17?

      (A) Lionel Messi                   

      (B) Yuki Bhambri

      (C) Amarjit Singh Kiyam                    

      (D) Somdev Devvarman


Answer Key:

1. (A),   2. (C),   3. (A),   4. (A),   5. (B),   6. (A),   7. (A),   8. (B),   9. (A), 10. (B), 11. (D),  12. (C).



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