Quiz - 35 Current Affairs

November 6, 2017


1. Susu dolphin or blind dolphin inhabits in the-

   (A)Ganges-Brahmaputra river system                                       

   (B)Ganga-Yamuna river system

   (C)Narmada-Ganga river system                                  

   (D)Godavari – Krishna river system


2.The proper management of water resources in the North eastern region is headed by-

   (A)Vice Chairman – NITI Aayog                                                     

   (B)Ministry of Water Resources

   (C)Ministry of Home affairs                                                            

   (D)Ministry of Agriculture


3. World teacher’s day is celebrated on-

    (A) 5th September                                               

    (B) 6th October

    (C) 5th October                                      

    (D) 12th August


4.The 8th confrence of association of SAARC Speakers & Parliamentarians was held at-

    (A) Thimpu, Bhutan                           

    (B) Columbo, Sri Lanka

    (C) Kathmandu, Nepal                                      

    (D) New Delhi, India


5. Nobel Prize for 2017 in Chemistry has been conferred to-

    (A) Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank &Richard Henderson                                             

    (B) Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish& Kip Tharne

    (C) Jeffreyc Hall, Michael Rosbash & Michael W. Young                     

    (D) Bob Dylan& Svetlana Alexievich


6. Famous American singer & songwriter who died recently was-

    (A) Tom Petty                                       

    (B) Justin Timberlake

    (C) Jenifer Lopez                 

    (D) Whitney Houston


7. World’s highest power pylon is situated in which country-

     (A) China                                

     (B) Italy

     (C) America                                           

     (D) Japan


8. Indian Institue of Tropical Meteoroloy is situated at-

    (A) Pune                                 

    (B) Gwalior

    (C) Ahmedabad                                   

    (D) New Delhi


9. Who has won the Nobel Prize in literature for 2017-

    (A) Kazuo Ishiguro                                              

    (B) Salman Rushdie

    (C) Anita Desai                                     

    (D) Agha Shahidali


10.The Institute of Company Secretaries of India was established in the year-

     (A) 1968                                  

     (B) 1970

     (C) 1980                                   

     (D) 1962


11. Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the banks of-

      (A) Saryu                                

      (B) Yamuna

      (C) Godavari                                          

      (D) Ganga


12. Which country will host the 6th World Government Summit-

      (A) Russia                                               

      (B) UAE

      (C) China                                 

      (D) Brazil


Answer Key :

1. (A),   2. (A),   3. (C),   4. (B),   5. (A),   6. (A),   7. (A),   8. (A),   9. (A),   10. (A), 11. (A), 12. (B).


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