Current Affairs

1.State which produces highest yield of Soyabean is- Answer: Madhya Pradesh

2. Lewis Hamilton is a _____ champion. Answer: Formula One

3. Recently, a 3000 km Solar Car race was held at- Answer: Australia

4. The first-ever Miss Wheelchair World pageant was held at- Answer: France

5. 16 new Impatiens walongues breed has been discovered in- Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

6. The BCCI has recommended every Cricketer to pass _____ test to enter into Indian team. Answer: Yo-Yo

7. Famous Comic movie Jaane bhi do Yaron was directed by_____ Answer: Kundan Shah

8. India’s hunger Index score is _____ Answer: 31.4

9. ______ has been elected as the Chairman of two sub- committees of IWF (International weightlifling Federation) Answer: Biren Prasad Baishya

10. Rafael Nadal has won ______ ATP title of 2017. Answer: Sixth

11. Richard thaler has been conferred with Noble Prize in ________for 2017. Answer: Economics

12. World’s largest remittance recipient country is _____ Answer: India

13. The first BIMSTEC disaster management exercise 2017 was conducted at ____ Answer: New Delhi

14. Pakistan’s newly appointed Naval Chief is ____ Answer: Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

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