Current Affairs

November 1, 2017

1. India & Bangladesh have signed a credit agreement of 4.5  billion dollars for-
   Answer : Infrastructure and Social Sector Development


2. A fiscal deficit occurs when total expenditure exceeds-
   Answer : Total revenue


3. As ISI is related to Pakistan, KGB is related to-
   Answer : Russia


4. Djibouti is situated in the Gulf of-
   Answer : Aden


5. Satish Dhawan Space Center is situated at- 
   Answer : Sriharikota


6. Nobel prize in chemistry for 2017 has been awarded for improving the images made of-
    Answer : Biological molecules


7. World teacher’s day is celebrated on-
    Answer : 5thOctober


8. SBI’s newly appointed chairman is-
    Answer : Rajnish Kumar


9. Govindan Lakshmanan has won ______ in the men’s 5000 mtr race in 57th National Open                  Athletics Championship
    Answer : Gold


10.Currently, the chairman of ISRO is-
     Answer : A.S. Kiran Kumar


11. The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India limited (TRIFED) has signed          an MOU for the marketing of handicrafts with-
      Answer : Amazon


12.The first ever ASEAN- India Music festival will be held in
     Answer : New Delhi


13. National Green Tribunal is headed by-
      Answer : Swatanter Kumar


14. PENCIL portal has been launched by Ministry of-
     Answer : Labour & Employment


15. What does ‘G’ stands for in 5G ?
      Answer : Generation


16. Which country has organised the Global Wildlife Programme 
      (GWP) ?
      Answer : India


17. Which country has been ranked second amongst the countries with highest increase in high                quality scientific research contribution?
      Answer : India


18. Singer-songwriter Tom petty who died recently was from-
      Answer : USA (United States of America)


19. World Economic Forum’s 33rd India Economic Summit was 
      held at-
     Answer : New Delhi


20. Who has been appointed as the Deputy Director General for 
      the first time in WHO?
     Answer : Soumya Swaminathan


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