Quiz - 30 Current Affairs

1. India’s first advanced homeopathy virology lab is operating at which place?

(A) Kolkata

(B) Jammu

(C) Bengaluru

(D) Mangalore

2. 2024 Summer Olympics is going to be held in which country?

(A) France


(C) Russia

(D) Brazil

3. India’s first bullet train project has started between ..........

(A) Mumbai-Ahmedabad

(B) Delhi - Jaipur

(C) Pune - Mumbai

(D) Kochi - Trivandrum

4. Which is the third most traded currency in the world after Dollar(US) & the Euro?

(A) Dirham

(B) Yen

(C) Dinar

(D) Rupee

5. Central govt. has proposed to launch new ranking exercise for higher educational institutions.

What will be the name of it?

(A) NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework 2018)

(B) NDRF (National Disaster Relief Management)

(C) NIRS (National Institutional Ranking Score)

(D) NICS (National Institutional Credit Score)

6. Tinkathia system was related to which system?

(A) Cultivation System

(B) Revenue System

(C) Tax System

(D) Livestock System

7. Recently, govt. has put bar on NGO’s to receive foreign funds under the FCRA act. What is FCRA?

(A) Foreign Contribution (regulation) Act

(B) Foreign Currency Regulating Act

(C) Foreign Condition Regulating Act

(D) Foreign Cooperation Regulating Act

8. The historical name for Rohingyas is –––––?

(A) Arakenese Indians

(B) Baddi

(C) Badaun

(D) Mongolians

9. Which is the most valuable company in India in terms of market valuation?




(D) Reliance Industries ltd.

10. Which player has been nominated for the first lifetime award by Badminton Association of India?

(A) Prakash Padukone

(B) Bishen Singh Bedi

(C) P. Gopichand

(D) Kapildev

11. India is going to hold its triservice bilateral military exercise with which country?

(A) Russia

(B) Japan

(C) France

(D) US

12. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on –––––––––.

(A) 14 November

(B) 14 September

(C) 15 December

(D) 18 August

13. In which year IRCTC was incorporated in Indian Railways?

(A) 1999

(B) 2000

(C) 2005

(D) 1990

14. Recently Reserve Bank of India has announced to introduce which coin?

(A) 1000Rupees

(B) 2000Rupees

(C) 800Rupees

(D) 1500Rupees

15. What is the capital of Belarus?

(A) Azerbaizan

(B) Maimi

(C) Aleppo

(D) Minsk

Answer Key:

1. (A), 2. (A), 3. (A), 4. (B), 5. (A), 6. (A), 7. (A), 8. (A), 9. (D), 10. (A), 11, (A), 12. (B), 13. (A), 14. (A), 15. (D)


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