Rajasthan is the 2nd largest crude oil producer in India :

Rajasthan has become the second largest crude oil producer in the country after the offshore field Bombay High, Governor Kalyan Singh said in the assembly while highlighting the achievements of the state government. The oilfields in the state are producing nearly 90 lakh tones oil annually, which is 24 per cent of the total domestic crude oil production.

India had about 750 Million metric tonne of proven oil reserves as April 2014 or 5.62 billion barrels as per EIA estimate for 2009,which is the second-largest amount in the Asia-Pacific region behind China. Most of India's crude oil reserves are located in the western coast (Mumbai High) and in the northeastern parts of the country, although considerable undeveloped reserves are also located in the offshore Bay of Bengal and in the state of Rajasthan.

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State/Area Production ('000 tonnes) Percentage of all India production

1. Mumbai High 21,573 65.28

2. Gujarat 6,042 18.28

3. Assam 4,659 14.09

4. Tamil Nadu 395 1.19

Now Rajasthan will be on 2nd place in the table .


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