Quiz - 23 Current Affairs

Q1 Recently, Sikkim has joined the Uday scheme to improve power distribution in state? What is the full form of UDAY?

(A). Ujjwala distribution assurance scheme

(B). Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY)

(C). Unnati DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY)

(D). Unnat Distribution Assurance Yojana (UDAY)

Q2 In which city of South-East Asia the 9th BRICS summit is going to be held?

(A). Islamabad, Pakistan

(B). Xiamen city, China

(C). New Delhi, India

(D). Sochi, Russia

Q3 Nobel laureate Kenneth. J. Arrow who died recently, was from which field?

(A). Arts

(B). Physics

(C). Aeronautical Science

(D). Economics

Q4 Which country has recently lifts scarf ban from woman soldiers?

(A). Iran

(B). Bulgeria

(C). Turkey

(D). Armenia

Q5 Name the country which has launched a military operation “Radd -ul-fasaad” to eliminate terrorists & counter terrorism operations from the country?

(A). Somalia

(B). Iraq

(C). Pakistan

(D). Bangladesh

Q6 Which state has issued a shoot at sight order to curb poaching in Corbett Tiger reserve?

(A). Uttar Pradesh

(B). Uttrakhand

(C). Madhya Pradesh

(D). Himachal pradesh

Q7 Recently, Union minister Maneka Gandhi has set up a compensation fund to provide financial help to ----- victims.

(A). Accident

(B). Domestic violence


(D). Drought

Q8 Hindi writer Nasira sharma has won the prestigious 2016- Sahitya Akdemi award for her novel___

(A). Parijat

(B). Suraj ka satva godha

(C). Kitni navo mein, kitni baar

(D). Ab kewal unnati

Q9 The Union cabinet has signed an MOU of cooperation in civil aviation sector with which country?

(A). Netherlands

(B). Newzealand

(C). Australia

(D). USA

Q10 The World’s tallest 112 foot bust of “Adiyogi Shiva” is situated in which state of India?

(A). Karnataka

(B). Jammu & Kashmir

(C). Uttrakhand

(D). Tamilnadu


1.(B), 2.(B), 3.(D), 4.(C), 5.(C), 6.(B), 7.(C), 8.(A), 9.(C), 10.(D),


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