QUIZ-22 Current Affairs

February 23, 2017


Q1.  What is the full form of UDAN?

       (A)Udey desh ka aam neta

       (B)Udey desh ka amir nagrik

       (C)Udey desh ka aam nivasi

       (D)Udey desh ka aam nagrik


Q2.  Altamas Kabir was the ________ Chief-Justice of India.

​       (A)21st 





Q3.  Air Defense Missile Components maker Raytheon has recently signed a MOU with which        Indian Company?

       (A) Wipro technologies

       (B) HCL tech.

       (C) TASL (Tata advanced system limited)

       (D) Genpact India


Q4.  Which Asian country has won the Asian Women’s Rugby Seven’s Trophy, recently?

       (A) Iran

       ​(B) Iran

       (C) South - Korea

       (D) Sri - Lanka


Q5.  Which Indian singer has been honoured with the “Legendary Award 2017”?

       (A) Sunidhi Chauhan

       (B) Amaan Ali khan

       (C) Lata Mangeshkar

       (D) Raja Reddy


Q6.  The Third National Dam Safety Conference was held in?

       (A) Andhra Pradesh

       ​(B) Uttrakhand

       (C) Bihar

       (D) Punjab


Q7.  Noted Hindi play Writer & Novelist  Surendre Verma has been selected for which                       prestigious award?

        (A) Vyas Samman- 2016

        (B) Saraswati Samman

        (C) Gyanpith Puruskar

        (D) Vishisth lekhni Puruskar


Q8.  Which state has prohibited its official’s against drinking outside state or even abroad,                recently?

​         (A) Manipur

         (B) Haryana

         (C) Bihar

         (D) Tamil-Nadu


Q9.  Name the first All-women global circumnavigation vessel inducted by Indian Navy?

         (A) ​Tarangini

         (B) Mhadevi

         (C) Tarini

         (D) Sudarshini


Q10.  Which two states are sharing its statehood day on 20th February?

          (A) Andhra Pradesh & Assam

          (B) Tamil-nadu & Telangana

          (C) Manipur & Mizoram

          (D) Arunachal Pradesh & Mizoram



Answer Key:-

1.(D), 2.(B), 3.(C), 4.(C), 5.(C), 6.(B), 7.(A), 8.(C), 9.(C), 10.(D)


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