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QUIZ-19 Current Affairs

February 19, 2017

Q1. Which is the world’s oldest working Indian steam engine added again in Indian railways?

(A) Parsuram

(B) Fairy queen

(C) Desert Maharani

(D) WDG -3A steam Engine


Q2. In which place in India is the Aero India -2017 going to be held?

(A) Yelahanka Air base,Bengaluru

(B) Hindon Air base,Ghaziabad

(C) Chandigarh Air base,Chandigarh

(D) Tambaram Air force Station, Chennai


Q3. Name the UK physicist and Nobel laureate who won the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine for developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in 2003?

(A)Sir Peter Mansfield

(B)Warner Heisenber

(C)Hermann Muller

(D)Jean Paul Sartre



Q4. Recently, India has launched 104 Satellites from Sriharikota. Name the launch vehicle which was used for this exercise?

(A) PSLV C- 37

(B) GSLV D-42

(C) PSLV C- 27

(D) PSLV A- 19



Q5. Recently, govt. has given nod of merger for how many associate banks with SBI?

(A) 4 banks

(B) 5 banks

(C) 6 banks

(D) 8 banks



Q6. With which foreign Company has India signed the contract for the Rafale fighter jets?

(A) Reliance Defense

(B) Bofors

(C) Bombardier

(D) Dassault Aviation



Q7. On 14th February govt has lowered the price of Coronary stent. What is this device used for?

(A) It helps arteries to be unclogged.

(B) It helps blood vessels to pump blood.

(C) It helps heart to be healthy.

(D) It helps lungs to work efficiently.



Q8. After which Indian city has the largest German Airline “lufthansa” proposed to name one of its Airbus A-380?

(A) New-Delhi

(B) Mumbai

(C) Gurugram

(D) Bengaluru



Q9. Which Indian off-spinner has been recently, referred as the “Bradman of bowling”?

(A) R. Ashwin (Ravichandran Ashwin)

(B) M.S Dhoni

(C) Umesh Yadav

(D) Zaheer Khan



Q10. Name the first Indian Player who has been promoted as FIBA technical delegate?

(A) Prakash Padukone

(B) Ajay jadeja

(C) Ishant Jaggi

(D) Norman Isaac



Answer key:-

1(b), 2(a), 3(a), 4(a), 5(b), 6(d), 7(a), 8(a), 9(a), 10(d)



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