J&K govt. launches e-Prison project:

The Jammu and Kashmir government has launched the e-Prison project to enumerate jail inmates in the State, where numbers of detainees keep swelling during unrest.

“The information about jail inmates is currently being maintained manually. To avoid delays in processing the information and manage all the jails efficiently, the automation of prison department has been started.”

The government has already digitised records of 500 inmates. The project will digitise 25 district jails, two Central jails and one sub-jail in the State. The second phase of the project will focus on videoconferencing between jails and prison headquarters, e-court, tele-medication in jails.

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Sixty-seven per cent of the people in Indian jails are under-trials people not convicted of any crime and currently on trial in a court of law.

Among the larger States, at 82.4 per cent, Bihar had the highest proportion of under-trials, followed by Jammu & Kashmir (81.5 per cent), Odisha (78.8 per cent), Jharkhand (77.1 per cent) and Delhi (76.7 per cent).

Three States from the Northeast also had a high proportion of under-trials: Meghalaya (91.4 per cent), Manipur (81.9 per cent) and Nagaland (79.6 per cent).

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