Russia offers technology to keep hackers at bay

Russian Quantum Center (RQC) said that it is ready to collaborate with India and offer its quantum technology that will prevent hackers from breaking into bank accounts. RQC plans to offer 'quantum cryptography’ that could propel India to the forefront of hack proof communication in sectors such as banking and national and homeland security.

Established by Russia's largest global technology hub, Skolkovo in 2010, RQC conducts scientific research that could lead to a new class of technologies. These include developing 'unbreakable cryptography' for the banks and the government organisations. It researches in areas such as materials with superior properties and new systems for ultrasensitive imaging of the brain. The research is mostly funded by the government money.

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Quantum cryptography

The 'Quantum cryptography' created by RQC depends more on physics, rather than mathematics. It is based on the usage of individual particles or waves of light (photon) and their intrinsic quantum properties to develop an unbreakable cryptosystem.


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