Quiz 15 - Current Affairs

December 23, 2016


Q1. Under the scheme “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna “, who is a “Bank Mitra”?

(A) A Govt bank employee   (B) An Agent  (C) Service Agent (D) A Customer


Q2. The National Tribal Carnival will be celebrated in which city of India ?

(A) Mumbai (B) Gwalior (C) Raipur (D) New-Delhi


Q3. The ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) raising day is celebrated on which date ?

(A) 8th December (B) 18th august (C) 24th October (D) 5th june


Q4. What was the theme of “United Nations Day” 2016?

(A) Goals for Peace (B) Relief from terror (C) Strong UN: Better world (D) Freedom first


Q5. Who has won the Title for ”Mr Asia 2016”?

(A) G .balakrishna (B) Anil Sharma (C) John abraham (D) Rohit Khandelwal


Q6. Recently, which country has invited India to join the notable work of developing nuclear reactors & fast reactor research projects?

(A) Japan (B) USA (C) France (D) Russia


Q7. S. Vijaylaxmi is associated with which game?

(A) Billiards (B) Golf (C) Chess (D) Cricket


Q8. Recently, President Pranab Mukherji was on a three -day visit to which south-east asian country?

(A) China (B) Singapore (C) Indonesia (D) Nepal





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