Quiz 14 - Current Affairs

December 22, 2016


Q1. World Bank's Award for Excellence for Best Utilization of Funds for Renovation was given to?

(A) Mettur Dam   (B) Koyana Dam (C) Hirakund Dam (D) Almatti Dam


Q2. India & China, the two powerful south east neighbours, just manouevred the first ever Sino-Indian Joint Military Exercise. It was held in which area of J & K?

(A) Kupwara (B) Dehradun (C) Kullu (D) Ladakh


Q3. CERT stands for—

(A) Computer External Repair Team   (B) Computer Emergency Repair Team-India

(C) Computer Excel Restore Team     (D) Common Export Restore Team


Q4. Barcelona's Louis Suarez has received the  distinguished European Golden Shoe for the ---------------- time.

(A) Second (B) First (C) Third (D) Fourth


Q5. Famous American player Lebron James is associated with which game?

(A) Football (B) Badminton (C) Volleyball (D) Basketball


Q6. Renowned personality Tom Hayden was associated with which field?

(A) Politics (B) Science (C) Arts (D) Journalism


Q7. Marriyappam Thangavelu belongs to which sports?

(A) High jump (B) Shooting (C) Wrestling (D) Badminton


Q8. Dhamra port, famous for Oliver ridley turtle, is situated in which Indian state?

(A) West Bengal (B) Tripura (C) Assam (D) Odisha





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