Quiz 8 - Current Affairs

Q1. Neeraj Goyat is associated with which sport?

(A) Chess (B) Boxing (C) Hockey (D) Cricket

Q2. "Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti" is celebrated on which date?

(A) 15 Oct. (B) 11 Jan (C) 10 Nov. (D) 16 Oct.

Q3. National Summit on Fortification of Food was recently held at which place?

(A) Hyderabad (B) New Delhi (C) Bangalore (D) Cuttack

Q4. The 2016 "India International Knit Fair" will be held at which place?

(A) Punjab (B) Gujarat (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Haryana

Q5. What was the theme of 8th BRICS Summit held at Goa recently?

(A) Building Responsive, Inclusive & Collective Solutions (B) Building Awareness & Cooperation

(C) Building Mutual Confidence & Collective Solutions (D) Confidence Building & Collective Solution

Q6. Which country is the safest according to "World Economic Forum Report"?

(A) Qatar (B) UAE (C) USA (D) Finland

Q7. India-Russia have signed an agreement to produce following helicopters —

(A) MIG - 29 UPG (B) MIG - 21 BISON (C) KA - 226 T (D) KA - 230 T

Q8. Which cricket team recently became the first to play 900 ODIs?

(A) New Zealand (B) South Africa (C) India (D) Australia

Q9. The "Book Half of What I Say" has been authored by?

(A) Anil Menon (B) Amitabh Ghosh (C) Arvind Adig (D) Vidyadhar Suraj Prasad

Q10. The first ever "Global Conference on Voter Education" was organized by Indian election commission in association with—


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