Quiz 1 - Current Affairs

November 26, 2016



Q1. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman and Manging Director of Pune based Bank of Maharashtra?

(A) Sushil Muhnot          

(B) Ravindra Marathe

(C) Kalpana Morpasia   

(D) Ajay Banga


Q2. Which one of the following date has been decided by union government for the presentation of union budget?

(A) Jan 31                           (B) Fab 28

(C) March 1                        (D) Fab 1


Q3. Who of the following has been appointed as the Chairman of Banks Board Bureau?

(A) Anil K. Khandelwal       (B) Rupa Kudwa

(C) Vinod Rai                     (D) Arun Goyal


Q4. Shivani Kataria is associated with which sport?

(A) Simming                       (B) Boxing

(C) Sprint                           (D) Badminton


Q5. Who was known as “the king of Golf”?

(A) Jordan Spieth              (B) Tiger woods

(C) Phil Mickelson             (D) Arnold Palmer


Q6. Recently NGO Human Right watch was in news for its report on Pakistan’s Police Torture. The HQ of this NGO is situated at?

(A) New York                     (B) Geneva

(C) Vienna                         (D) Washington DC


Q7. Indus water Treaty was signed between India & Pakistan on?

(A) Sep 19, 1960                (B) March 22, 1969

(C) Jan 20, 1979                (D) Fab 21, 1960


Q8. Poet Sugatha Kumari is related with which language?

(A) Tamil                            (B) Telgu

(C) Malayalam                   (D) Kannada


Q9. Tamil film Visaranai is based on the novel of - 

(A) M. Chandera Kumar               

(B) Aadukalam Murugadoss Marathe

(C) Jayakanthan

(D) Poomani


Q10. Which Indian Anti-hunger activist has been selected for UN Young Leaders for Sustainable Development Goals?

(A) Ankit Kawatra           

(B) Vandana Shiva

(C) Sandeep Pandey

(D) Yamoni Raisom Goswami




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