Russia offers technology to keep hackers at bay

Russian Quantum Center (RQC) said that it is ready to collaborate with India and offer its quantum technology that will prevent hackers from breaking into bank accounts. RQC plans to offer 'quantum cryptography’ that could propel India to the forefront of hack proof communication in sectors such as banking and national and homeland security. Established by Russia's largest global technology hub, Skolkovo in 2010, RQC conducts scientific research that could lead to a new class of technologies. These include developing 'unbreakable cryptography' for the banks and the government organisations. It researches in areas such as materials with superior properties and new systems for ultrasensitive i

Vibrant Gujarat Summit

As part of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Summit, the State government will hold a Nobel Prize Series Exhibition in the presence of nine Nobel laureate scientists who will interact with students, scientists, industry leaders and policy makers. The five week long exhibition will be opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 10 at Science City in Ahmedabad. Among the participants Indian-origin Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, is also included who shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2009 with fellow scientists Thomas A. Steitz and Ada Yonath. Other Nobel laureates who will take part in the summit are Richard J. Roberts (1993, Medicine), Harold Varmus (1989, Medicine), David Gross (20

Raviraj Murder: All accused released

Following an all-Sinhalese jury’s verdict, a Sri Lankan court on Saturday acquitted five men, including three Navy intelligence officers, accused of assassinating Nadaraja Raviraj in 2006. A Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian and lawyer, Raviraj had actively sought to engage the Sinhalese on the Tamil national question, addressing them in Sinhala. On 10 November 2006, he and his bodyguard were shot dead on a busy road in Colombo. There is renewed scepticism over the credibility of the country’s justice system, particularly in cases involving extra-judicial killings implicating the armed forces. Know More Nadarajah Raviraj Nadarajah Raviraj was a Sri Lankan Tamil lawyer and politic

Six cities set to get ferry services along Ganga

In a move that promises to reduce congestion on roads, six cities along the river Ganga including Varanasi, Kolkata and Patna are going to get passenger ferry services. The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Ministry of Shipping has recently entered into a contract with a joint venture of Infrastructure Architecture Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), (U.S.) and Thompson Design Group (TDG), Boston, (U.S.) for identifying suitable locations for construction of 18 ferry terminals in six cities of Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Munghyr, Kolkata and Haldia, which are along the stretch of the river Ganga identified as National Waterway-1. Know More Inland Waterways Authority

Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea, 'killing 92'

A Russian defence ministry plane, carrying 92 people on route to Syria, crashed into the Black Sea near Sochi. The Tupolev-154 was carrying mainly musicians from the famed Alexandrov Ensemble (previously known as the Red Army Choir). They were on route to the Khmeimim air base near Latakia for a new year concert. Know More What is the Alexandrov Ensemble? Alexandrov Ensemble is the official choir (an organized group of singers) of the Russian armed forces It was founded in 1928 during the Soviet era The group also includes an orchestra and dancers It takes its name from its first director, Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, who wrote the music to the national anthem of the Soviet Union Black

IDFC Bank unveils Aadhaar Pay to ease cashless pay

IDFC Bank announced the nation-wide launch of aadhaar-linked cashless merchant solution that uses a retailers' smartphone to enable digital payments. Aadhaar Pay has been developed by IDFC Bank in association with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). There are no transaction fees for both merchants and customers. IDFC Aadhaar Pay will accelerate the pace of growth for cashless payments. Know More IDFC Bank Ltd. is a part of integrated infrastructure finance company (IDFC) with head quarters at Mumbai. The bank started operations on 1 October 2015. IDFC received a universal banking license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Kuchipudi performers dance their way into Guinness Records

Andhra Pradesh's own classical dance 'Kuchipudi' found a place in the Guinness World Records yet again when a record 6,117 dancers came together to present a show at the IGMC Stadium . Dancers from across the country as also from countries like US, UAE, UK, Russia, Hong Kong and Mauritius took part in it. Guinness adjudicator Rishinath declared that “Jayamu Jayamu” item presented in unison by the participants created a new record and handed over a certificate to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. The “Maha Brunda Natyam” (grand group dance) was organised as part of the ‘5th International Kuchipudi Dance Convention’ organised by the state Department of Language and Culture. “J

Single tribunal to decide all inter-state water disputes

The Water Resources Ministry has moved a Cabinet note to amend the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956, to scrap the five inter-State water dispute resolution tribunals and replace them with a single permanent tribunal to resolve matters.The move to scrap the existing tribunals and replace them with one body was first mooted by the then Law Minister M. Veerappa Moily in 2011.The Centre plans to have a ‘standing tribunal’ for the purpose having several members. The members could be posted to various benches and one bench of three members could deal with more than one dispute. Know More Interstate River Water Disputes Act The Interstate River Water Disputes Act, 1956 (IRWD was enacted u

Former Planning Commission member Saumitra Chaudhuri no more

Eminent economist and a former member of the erstwhile Planning Commission, Saumitra Chaudhuri, who served on the board of high level advisory panels of the government passed away recently. Born on January 11, 1954, Chaudhuri had been a member of the Prime Ministers Economic Advisory Council from 2005 onwards. He was also in race to become the Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), before Raghuram Rajan pipped him to the post and was one of the longest serving members of the Planning Commission. He was the chairman of the Committee for Formulation of All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback 2005-06 to 2009-10 in the Ministry of Finance, where he later got an extension till date. Before being pa

Supreme Court wants woman pilot to get permanent Commission

The Union, represented by Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi, had appealed against a December 13, 2016 order of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT), directing the government to reconsider Air Force woman pilot Sandeep Kaur's application for permanent commission and let her continue to serve the country. Ms. Kaur’s application for a permanent commission was rejected in March 2016. The establishment said she was not “entitled” to seek one. The AFT told the Union to allow Ms. Kaur to stay on if she qualified and was found suitable. The AFT asked the authorities to decide her application in two months. But the Union decided to take the fight to the Supreme Court and seek a stay of the order. However in

Quiz 16 - Current Affairs

Q1. Marudhu Pandiyar brothers who were the first to issue proclamation of Independence from the colonical British rule in South India, ruled in— (A) Sivagangai (Tamil Nadu) (B) Kasargod (Kerala) (C) Chamranagar (Karnataka) (D) Chittor (Andhra Pradesh) Q2. President ‘John Key’ who was recently visited India belongs to which country— (A) Belgium (B) New Zealand (C) Fiji (D) Switzerland Q3. New Productivity Linked Reward Scheme belongs to which of the following? (A) Ports (B) Aviation (C) Shipping (D) Railways Q4. What is the theme of the first National Ayurveda Day? (A) Ayurveda For Prevention and Control of Diabetes (B) Live with Ayurveda (C) Mission Madhumeh with Ayurveda

Quiz 15 - Current Affairs

Q1. Under the scheme “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna “, who is a “Bank Mitra”? (A) A Govt bank employee (B) An Agent (C) Service Agent (D) A Customer Q2. The National Tribal Carnival will be celebrated in which city of India ? (A) Mumbai (B) Gwalior (C) Raipur (D) New-Delhi Q3. The ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) raising day is celebrated on which date ? (A) 8th December (B) 18th august (C) 24th October (D) 5th june Q4. What was the theme of “United Nations Day” 2016? (A) Goals for Peace (B) Relief from terror (C) Strong UN: Better world (D) Freedom first Q5. Who has won the Title for ”Mr Asia 2016”? (A) G .balakrishna (B) Anil Sharma (C) John abraham (D) Rohit Khandelwal Q6. Recently, w

Quiz 14 - Current Affairs

Q1. World Bank's Award for Excellence for Best Utilization of Funds for Renovation was given to? (A) Mettur Dam (B) Koyana Dam (C) Hirakund Dam (D) Almatti Dam Q2. India & China, the two powerful south east neighbours, just manouevred the first ever Sino-Indian Joint Military Exercise. It was held in which area of J & K? (A) Kupwara (B) Dehradun (C) Kullu (D) Ladakh Q3. CERT stands for— (A) Computer External Repair Team (B) Computer Emergency Repair Team-India (C) Computer Excel Restore Team (D) Common Export Restore Team Q4. Barcelona's Louis Suarez has received the distinguished European Golden Shoe for the ---------------- time. (A) Second (B) First (C) Third (D) Fourth Q5. Famou

Quiz 13 - Current Affairs

Q1. WJFAC INS Tihayu has been commissioned into which Naval Command? (A) Western Naval Command (B) Eastern Naval Command (C) Southern Naval Command (D) Andaman & Nicobar Command Q2. Name the Indian Shuttler who has been appointed as the member of International Olympic Committee Atheletes Commission (IOC), recently? (A) Sania Nehwal (B) Geet Sethi (C) Jwala Gutta (D) Sachin Tendulkar Q3. Who has won the 44th Chaplin award? (A) Al Pachino (B) Tom Cruze (C) Daniel Craig (D) Robert de Niro Q4. What is the slogan of the "National IPR Policy"? (A)"Creative National, Innovative India" (B) "Creative India, Innovative India" (C) "Creative India, Happy India" (D) Consumer Ind

Digital India Awards 2016

In order to promote innovative e-governance initiatives by the government entities Digital India awards, earlier known as the Web Ratna Awards, were instituted under the Ambit of National Portal of India. The award acknowledges exemplary initiatives of various government entities in the realm of e-governance. Web Ratna awards were biennial awards and the previous three editions of the awards were held in the years 2009, 2012 and 2014. Considering the vision of Digital India and acknowledging the fact that citizens are now accessing government information and services through medium other than the web, the scope of the Web Ratna awards was broadened to include these initiatives also. Conseque

Quiz 12 - Current Affairs

Q1. India is the third largest producer of— (A) Zinc (B) Manganese (C) Chromite (D) Aluminium Q2. "UDAY" Yozna is associated with which of the following arena? (A) Electricity (B) Education (C) Sports (D) Science Q3. World's Biggest Purifier tower is situated at which place? (A) Shanghai (B) Guangzhou (C) Beijing (D) Shenzhen Q4. America’s most prominant music recording company "Chess Recorder" was founded by whom of the following? (A) Phil Chess (B) Ginuwine Chess (C) Niklson Chess (D) Maria Chess Q5. Which of the following precious stone is known as "Stone of Heaven"? (A) Jade (B) Zicron (C) Malachite (D) Agate Q6. Football player "Lionel Mess" belongs to which country— (A) Argentina (B)

‘Swasthya Raksha Programme’ launched by the AYUSH Ministry

Swasthya Rakshan Program has been initiated through Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS), Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) and Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) in selected districts/villages. It has the following aims and objectives:- To organize Swasthya Rakshan OPDs, Swasthya Parikshan Camps and Health/Hygiene awareness programme Awareness about cleanliness of domestic surroundings and environment. Provide medical aid/incidental support in the adopted Colonies/villages. Documentation of demographic information, food habits, hygiene conditions, seasons, lifestyle etc., incidence/prev

Ninth World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality

Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated Ninth World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality organized by ASSOCHAM, Seri Foundation and the Times Group on December 16, 2016 in New Delhi. The theme of this convention was, “Sach Bharat: Spirituality at Work”.

Hindus best-educated religious group in U.S.: Pew Research Centre

Hindus are the best-educated of all religious groups in North America and Europe, a new study titled Religion and Education Around the World released by Pew Research Centre found. This is in sharp contrast with the Hindus who live in India, who are among the least-educated of all religious groups worldwide, the study found. Ninety-six per cent of Hindus in the U.S. have college degrees compared to 36 per cent for Christians who are a majority in the country. Hindus in Europe also are highly educated, averaging 13.9 years of schooling. The gender gap in education has been bridged to some extent among Hindus in recent years, but they still have the largest educational gender gap of any religio

Tata Steel agrees deal with union chiefs to save 8,000 UK jobs

Tata Steel and trade union leaders have agreed a deal to save 8,000 jobs in the steel industry and the Port Talbot steelworks in south Wales. The jobs have been at risk since March when Tata Steel announced it was putting its UK business up for sale amid losses of more than £1m a day. The decision sparked a political crisis as the government scrambled to secure the future of the plant. Port Talbot is one of only two sites in Britain that makes steel in blast furnaces. Know More Port Talbot is a town in Wales. It is best known as the home of the Port Talbot Steelworks, one of the biggest steelworks in the world, which currently employs an estimated 10% of the town's population. The steelworks

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