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Quiz - 32 Current Affairs

October 7, 2017


1. What should be the dimension of edge of a Cricket bat as per new ICC rules ?

     (A) 40 mm                                              

     (B) 180 mm

     (C) 20 mm                                              

     (D) 10 mm


2. 20th Asian Masters athletics championship was held in which country?

    (A) China                                                                

    (B) Russia

    (C) Brazil                                                 

    (D) Pakistan


3. Which is the host country for FIFA U-17 World Cup?

     (A) India                                                  

     (B) China

     (C) Brazil                                                 

     (D) Japan


4. Which Asian country will host the South Asian Boxing Championship?

     (A) India                                                  

     (B) China

     (C) Japan                                                

     (D) USA


5. Which is India’s first inter-state river interlinking project?

    (A) Ken & Betwa river interlink project                                                      

    (B) Ganga & Satluj river interlink project

    (C) Krishna & Kaveri river interlink project                                                               

    (D) Godavari & Krishna river interlink project


6. Headquarter of Asian Development Bank is situated at ----

     (A) Shanghai                                                         

     (B) Sri Lanka

     (C) Brazilian                                           

     (D) Manila


7. Newly launched scheme “Saubhagya” is related to---

     (A) Electricity distribution                                                                

     (B) Women Education

     (C) Ration distribution                                       

     (D) Maternity benefit for women


8. Who has been appointed as the new CAG of India?

     (A) K. K. Venugopal                                                            

     (B) Rajiv Mehrishi

     (C) Achal Kumar Jyoti                                        

     (D) Sashikant Sharma


9. Recently, which Indian lawyer has been conferred with the prestigious Swedish Human Rights       award?

     (A) Colin Gonjalwis                                                             

     (B) Arun Jaitely

     (C) Ram Jethmalani                                            

     (D) Kapil Sibbal


10. Which state has recently launched the first commercial electric bus service?

      (A) Andhra Pradesh                                                           

      (B) Himachal Pradesh

      (C) Uttar Pradesh                                

      (D) Tripura




Answer Key:

1. (A),   2. (A),   3. (A),   4. (A),   5. (A),   6. (D),   7. (A),   8. (B),   9. (A),   10. (B).



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