Quiz - 31 Current Affairs

September 27, 2017


1.  “A Guy’s Guide to Being a Man’s Man” is written by?

      (A) Frank Vincent                                

      (B) Tom Alter

      (C) Tom Cruise                                     

      (D) Anita Desai


2. ‘National film archive of India’ is situated at––

     (A) Mumbai                                                           

     (B) Pune

     (C) Kolkata                                                             

     (D) New Delhi


3. As Earth is related to Moon, Saturn is related to –––

     (A) Titan                  

     (B) Titania

     (C) Europa                              

     (D) Phobos


4. What is CRISIL?

     (A) A Rating Agency                                           

     (B) Bank

     (C) Power Company                                                          

     (D) Equity Firm


5. Recently Google Inc. (an american technology company) has started its ––––– in India.

     (A) E-business Services                                    

     (B) Digital Payment Services

     (C) Manufacturing Unit                                    

     (D) Educational Services


6. Who has been appointed as the ‘first foreign women boxing coach’ of India?

     (A) Stephane Cottalorda                  

     (B) Maria Sharapova

     (C) Varus Williams                                               

     (D) Christie Rampone


7. Recently India has launched ‘Operation Insaniyat”  to provide assistance to which country?

     (A) Burma                              

     (B) Sri lanka

     (C) Bangladesh                                     

     (D) Trinidad Tobago


8. Which state is the first to launch an electric vehicle and energy storage policy?

     (A) Tamilnadu                       

     (B) Karnataka

     (C) Madhya Pradesh                                          

     (D) Punjab


9. As per the World Economic Forum India’s Rank in the Global Human Capital Index is

     (A) 105                                                     

     (B) 103

     (C) 110                                                     

     (D) 10


10. Which of the following agreement is not the part of the recent Indo –Japan agreements?

      (A) Disaster Risk Management                      

      (B) Economic & Commercial

      (C) Civil Aviation                                  

      (D) Renovation of historical places


11. Recently India has decided to grant citizenship to ––––– refugees living in the northeast.

      (A) Chakma & Hajongs                                      

      (B) Rohingya Muslims

      (C) Rohingya’s & Hajongs                                

      (D) Chakma’s & Rohingya’s


12. International day of democracy is celebrated on?

      (A) 15 September                                               

      (B) 22 August

      (C) 15 November                                

      (D) 12 July


13. 36th National games will be held in which Indian city?

      (A) Guwahati                                                        

      (B) Bhuvneshwar

      (C) New Delhi                                                       

      (D) Goa


14. India’s first center for Animal law is setup in which state?

      (A) Uttar Pradesh                                               

      (B) Tamilnadu

      (C) Madhya Pradesh                                          

      (D) Telangana



Answer Key :

1. (A),   2. (B),   3. (A),   4. (A),   5. (B),   6. (A),   7. (C),   8. (B),   9. (B),   10. (D),   11. (A),   12. (A),   13. (D),     14. (D)


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