Cabinet approves National Health Policy

Assuring ‘healthcare services for all,’the NHP aims to strengthen primary health centres and district hospitals. The government has, approved the National Health Policy, which proposes to provide “assured health services to all” in the country.

Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its nod to the policy, which has been pending for the last two years. Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda is likely to make a suo moto statement in the Parliament on the salient features of the Policy.

Health Ministry said that in a major shift, the policy increases the gambit of sectors covered in the Primary Health Centre (PHC)-level and envisages a comprehensive approach.

The proposed National Health Policy, which has been pending for the past two years, aims to provide assured health services to people as an “entitlement.”

Know More-

1) Till now, PHCs were only for immunization, anti-natal checkups and others. But, now it will also include screening of non-communicable diseases and a whole lot of other aspects.

2) There will also be a bigger focus on upgrading district hospitals while for the first time, there will be an implementation framework in place.

3) Suo moto – It is a Latin term meaning "on its own motion". It is used in situations where a

government or court official acts of its own initiative.

4) Overall in India, we have 35,416 government hospitals (approximately) which have 13,76,013 beds. But unfortunately merely 2℅ of the doctors serves in rural India, which comprises 68% of our population.

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