Quiz - 28 Current Affairs

March 10, 2017


Q1. In which place is India’s only active volcano situated?

(A) Barren Island

(B) Baratang 

(C) Dhosi hill

(D) Deccan traps


Q2. The World Social Justice day is celebrated on-----.

(A) 15th March

(B) 28th February  

(C) 14th August

(D) 20th April  


Q3. Who is the new chairman of TATA group?

(A) Cyrus Mistry

(B) N.Chandrasekhran

(C) Ratan Tata

(D) Adi Godrej


Q4. To which South-East Asian country has India approved a loan of 340 million US dollars recently?

(A) Iran

(B) Iraq

(C) Nepal

(D) Malaysia


Q5.  Which Sports accessories & footwear company  has recently signed a 100 cr deal with Cricketer Virat Kohli?

(A) Adidas

(B) Puma

(C) Nike

(D) Shiv Naresh


Q6.   Name the company which has been recently acquired by Apple, a multinational technology company?

(A) Realface

(B) Motorola

(C) Videocon

(D) Asus


Q7.  What is India’s rank in the Index of Economic freedom 2017?

(A) 143

(B) 152

(C) 186

(D) 189


Q8.  What is the Full form of PLR?

(A) Prime Lease Rate

(B) Prime Lending Rate

(C) Prior Lending Rate

(D) Pilot Lease Rate



Q9.  What is a demand draft?

(A) It is used for effecting transfer of money.

(B) It is a Negotiable Instrument.

(C) Demand draft is issued by a bank.

(D) All are correct


10.      ––––is the women former captain of Indian cricket team who has been nominated for the BCCI Lifetime award.

(A) Shanta Rangaswamy

(B) P.T Usha

(C) Anju George

(D) Sania Mirja


Answer Key:-

1.(A), 2.(D), 3.(B), 4.(C), 5.(B), 6.(A), 7.(A), 8.(B), 9.(D), 10.(A)


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