QUIZ-21 Current Affairs MCQs

February 20, 2017

Q1.     The Multinational Cobra Gold Military Exercise 2017 is going to held in which country?

            (A) Thailand

            (B) China

            (C) Nepal

            (D) Mauritius



Q2.     In which country of Southeast- Asia has the International monetary fund (IMF) launched its first            fully integrated capacity development Cars?

            (A) India

            (B) Sri-lanka

            (C) Pakistan

            (D) Bhutan



Q3.     BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd) has released a new Communication ––– called STARS-V K III at              Bengaluru recently.

            (A) Radio

            (B) Vehicle

            (C) Phone

            (D) Tractor



Q4.     FIDC stands for?

            (A) Fund Increasing & Development Co-operation.

            (B) Finance Industry Development Co-operation.

            (C) Foreign Industries Development Co-operation.

            (D) Funds & Investment Debt Company.



Q5.     Which country has appointed its first woman foreign secretary?

            (A) Saudi Arab

            (B) Tanzania

            (C) Myanmar

            (D) Pakistan




Q6.     Who has been selected as the Chairman of SEBI?

            (A) Ajay Tyagi

            (B) Arun Sinha

            (C) Gaurika Bishnoi

            (D) T.T .Srinivasraghvan



Q7.     Which document has been made mandatory by HRD ministry to avail scholarships to                            meritorious students of EWS?

            (A) Pan Card

            (B) Voter Card

            (C) Aadhar Card

            (D) Ration Card



Q8.     UPI stands for?

            (A) United Payment Interface

            (B) Unified Payment Interface

            (C) Underprivileged Payments Intentions

            (D) Unique Process Interface



Q9.      Recently, Indian Women cricket team has qualified for ICC World Cup 2017, where is it going             to be held?






Q10.   In which city of India is international phone brand Apple Inc. Going to open its assembling                    plant?








Answer key:-

1.(A), 2.(C), 3.(C), 4.(B), 5.(D), 6.(A), 7.(C), 8.B), 9.(D), 10.(B)


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