Quiz 16 - Current Affairs

December 24, 2016


Q1. Marudhu Pandiyar brothers who were the  first to issue proclamation of Independence from the colonical British rule in South India, ruled in—

(A) Sivagangai (Tamil Nadu)    (B) Kasargod (Kerala)

(C) Chamranagar (Karnataka)  (D) Chittor (Andhra Pradesh)


Q2. President ‘John Key’ who was recently visited India belongs to which country—

(A) Belgium (B) New Zealand (C) Fiji (D) Switzerland


Q3. New Productivity Linked Reward Scheme belongs to which of the following?

(A) Ports (B) Aviation (C) Shipping (D) Railways


Q4. What is the theme of the first National Ayurveda Day?

(A) Ayurveda For Prevention and Control of Diabetes  (B) Live with Ayurveda

(C) Mission Madhumeh with Ayurveda                         (D) Ayushmanbhav


Q5. Which of the following has been honoured with 2016 Sakharov Price for Freedom of Thought?

(A) Amir Hussain                (B) Abdul Rahman Munif

(C) Abdul Ala Maududi       (D) Nadia Murad & Lemiya Aji Basha


Q6. Which state has won the “NCC National Games” 2016 ?

(A) Punjab (B) Tamil Nadu (C) Kerala (D) Haryana


Q7. Which of the following ocean was recently declared as the world’s largest Marine Reserve?

(A) Ross Sea (Antarctica)              (B) Sargasso Sea (Atlantic Ocean)

(C) Black Sea (Atlantic Ocean)      (D) Baffin Bay (Arctic Ocean)


Q8. What was the theme of recently celebrated “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas”?

(A) Integration of India (B) Unity of India (C) Diversity of India (D) Unity & Diversity of India


Q9. Who has been appointed as the DG of National Investigation Agency (NIA)?

(A) Sharad Kumar (B) Parveen Nath (C) Ravinder Brar (D) Sarbjeet Singh Deol


Q10. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of Global System Mobile Association (GSMA)?

(A) Dilip Kumar  (B)Sunil Mittal (C) Azim Premji (D) Shobna Nayyar





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