Quiz 12 - Current Affairs

Q1. India is the third largest producer of—

(A) Zinc (B) Manganese (C) Chromite (D) Aluminium

Q2. "UDAY" Yozna is associated with which of the following arena?

(A) Electricity (B) Education (C) Sports (D) Science

Q3. World's Biggest Purifier tower is situated at which place?

(A) Shanghai (B) Guangzhou (C) Beijing (D) Shenzhen

Q4. America’s most prominant music recording company "Chess Recorder" was founded by whom of the following?

(A) Phil Chess (B) Ginuwine Chess (C) Niklson Chess (D) Maria Chess

Q5. Which of the following precious stone is known as "Stone of Heaven"?

(A) Jade (B) Zicron (C) Malachite (D) Agate

Q6. Football player "Lionel Mess" belongs to which country—

(A) Argentina (B) Brazil (C) U.S.A (D) Spain

Q7. "Lewis Hamilton" is associated with which field?

(A) Car race (B) Football (C) Basketball (D) Volleyball

Q8. Famous Personality Pierce Brosnan is associated with which field?

(A) Social Work (B) Science (C) Arts (D) Politics

Q9. Film Director "Yeon - Sang ho" belongs to which country?

(A) China (B) Taiwan (C) South Korea (D) Japan

Q10. Who is the Chairperson of NHRC?

(A) Justice M. Katju (B) Justice Swatantar Kumar (C) Shabana Azmi (D) Justice (Retd.) H. L. Dattu


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