Hindus best-educated religious group in U.S.: Pew Research Centre

Hindus are the best-educated of all religious groups in North America and Europe, a new study titled Religion and Education Around the World released by Pew Research Centre found.

This is in sharp contrast with the Hindus who live in India, who are among the least-educated of all religious groups worldwide, the study found.

Ninety-six per cent of Hindus in the U.S. have college degrees compared to 36 per cent for Christians who are a majority in the country. Hindus in Europe also are highly educated, averaging 13.9 years of schooling.

The gender gap in education has been bridged to some extent among Hindus in recent years, but they still have the largest educational gender gap of any religious group. On an average, Hindu men have 2.7 more years of schooling than Hindu women, and just over half of Hindu women (53 per cent) have no formal schooling, compared with 29 per cent of Hindu men.

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