Quiz 11 - Current Affairs

Q1. The Book "Waiting to Live and Prism of Light" has been written by which of the following?

(A) Ela Gandhi (B) Ram Gobin (C) Shaheen Mistri (D) Sarswati Gora

Q2. Michael Joseph is associated with which sport?

(A) Billiards (B) Hockey (C) Football (D) Chess

Q3. The first military excercise between China and India was held at which place in J&K?

(A) Batalik (B) Mushkoh (C) Chorbatla (D) Chushul

Q4. An American animated environmentalist television programme "Captain Planet" was created by whom among the following?

(A)Ted Turner (B) Leonardo Dicaprio (C) Patrick Swayze (D) Richard Burton

Q5. India will build a solar power plant in Srilanka at which place?

(A) Trinocomalee (B) Vavuniya (C) Ella (D) Matara

Q6. India has initiated a joint venture to establish a multi-billion dollar fertilizer plant with which country?

(A) Tasmania (B) Germany (C) Algeria (D) Tunisia

Q7. The World's first vaccine to fight against "Tape Worm" in pigs is —

(A) CYSVAX (B) DA22P (C) Bordatella (D) Crotalid

Q8. Sikh-American Waris Ahluwalia is associated with which field?

(A) Science (B) Sports (C) Acting (D) Politics

Q9. Militant group "Hezbollah" is related to which country—

(A) Lebanon (B) Syria (C) Egypt (D) Iraq

Q10. Who is the CEO of "National Payments Corporation of India"?

(A) Tribhuvan Das (B) A. P. Hota (C) Abishekh Kumar (D) Rakesh Pandey


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