Quiz 6 - Current Affairs

Q1. War Memorial "Surya Smarak" which was inaugurated recently is situated at which place?

(A) Bhopal (B) Sanchi (C) Jabalpur (D) Gwalior

Q2. 2nd Meeting of heads of "Export Credit Agencies" of BRICS (BRICS ECA's) was hosted by which agency?


Q3. What was the slogan of "Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav" (RSM) - 2016?

(A) Ekta Mein Anekta (B) Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat

(C) Atulya Bharat (D) Mahan Bharat

Q4. NCC National Games which started on 17 Oct 2016 have following as the mascot -

(A) Bagh (B) Tendua (C) Shera (D) Mithu

Q5. Indian Naval academy’s (INA) annual Delhi seminar was held on?

(A) 14-27 Nov. (B) 14-15 Oct. (C) 14-21 Feb. (D) 1-12 Jan.

Q6. India has collaborated with which country to improve rail connectivity of Indian ports?

(A) US (B) China (C) Germany (D) Japan

Q7. World's largest Handicraft Fair (IHGF) was held at which place?

(A) Chennai (B) Shimla (C) Hyderabad (D) Delhi

Q8. Recently India has signed an agreement to set up 25 "Agro Irradiation Centre" with which country?

(A) Germany (B) Hungary (C) Poland (D) Russia

Q9. Which country has quit Common Wealth group, recently?

(A) Bermuda (B) Madagascar (C) China (D) Maldives

Q10. What is the goal of "KIGALI Agreement"?

(A) Curbing the Use of HFC (B) Curbing Terrorism

(C) Curbing the Use of Drugs (D) Curbing Child Labour

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