Quiz 5 - Current Affairs

Q1. Renowned Personality Dipa Karmakar is associated with which field?

(A) Art (B) Film (C) Science (D) Sports

Q2. Extinct species of "Bear Dog" is also known as -

(A) Amphicyonid (B) Pigeon (C) Dudo (D) Great Auk

Q3. "French European Indian Fashion Week" was held at which place?

(A) Marseille (B) Paris (C) Orleans (D) Nancy

Q4. Earnst Heming Way is associated with which field?

(A) Literature (B) Journalism (C) Science (D) Politics

Q5. "Juno" Space Craft is revolving around which planet?

(A) Jupiter (B) Sun (C) Moon (D) Saturn

Q6. "World’s Oldest Plumber" who recently set a Guiness record belongs to which country?

(A) Figley (B) Atkinson (C) Carol Worderman (D) Joemeek

Q7. What is B-Rax?

(A) Species of Dog (B) Species of Fish (C) Species of Fox (D) Species of Monkey

Q8. "Danda Mudi Rajgopal Rao" is associated with which sport?

(A) Weight lifting (B) Hockey (C) Kabbaddi (D) Wrestling

Q9. A Hindu group "Siva Senai" is operating in which country?

(A) Philiphines (B) Bhutan (C) Srilanka (D) Indonesia

Q10. King Bhumi Bol Adulya Deg, who passed away recently, was from -

(A) Brunei (B) Thailand (C) Malaysia (D) Bhutan


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