Quiz 4 - Current Affairs

Q1. Project ‘Sak SAKSHAM’ is related to—

(A) SST (B) Add Volaram Gains (C) Capital Tax (D) Security Trams action Tax

Q2. Who has been appointed as the head of Nehru Museum?

(A) Shakti Sinha (B) Mahesh Rangarajan (C) B. C. Roy (D) Mridula Mukherjee

Q3. Annu Rani is associated with which sport?

(A) Fencing (B) Football (C) Judo (D) Javelin Throw

Q4. Railway Budget was seperated from General Budget on the recommendations of which commission/committee?

(A) Lee Commission (B) Acworth Committee (C) Butler Committee (D) Lord Lingthgow

Q5. Centre announed a cut of 0.1% point in the interest rate on small saving schemes. Which among the following is not a small saving scheme?

(A) Sukanya Samriddhi Yozna (B) Andhra Bank Yozna

(C) Atal Pension Yozna (D) Kisan Vikas Patra

Q6. Who is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar?

(A) Politician (B) Journalist (C) Film Maker (D) Painter

Q7. Who wrote the book “Bapu Ke Saathi”?

(A) Tushar Gandhi (B) Leela Gandhi (C) Kanu Gandhi (D) Rajmohan Gandhi

Q8. Government has decided to raise EPF equity exposure to—

(A) 12% (B) 10% (C) 9% (D) 8%

Q9. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of PTI ?

(A) Riyadh Mathew (B) Hormusji N Chama (C) M. K. Rajdan (D) Bidhan Chandra Roy

Q10. What are "Non-Core Assets"?

(A) Assets to increase overall operations (B) Assets used in business for one year

(C) Assets used in Balance Sheet (D) Assets not essential for Business Operations


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