Quiz 3 - Current Affairs

Q1. “Clive Rushton” is associated with which sports?

(A) Archery (B) Fencing (C) Tennis (D) Swimming

Q.2. Which among the following commodities have been included in the commodity Derivative Market by SEBI?

(A) Eggs, Tea, Turmeric (B) Diamonds, Tea, Eggs

(C) Arecanut, Diamond, Tea (D) Walnut, Arecanut, Diamond

Q3. Which among the following public sector undertaking has been approved by the cabinet for closures, recently?

(A) Hindustan Cables (B) Balmer Lawrie & Company

(C) Limbs Manufacturing Artificial (D) Bharat Petro Resource

Q4. Which Crickter was known by the name of ‘Tangles’?

(A) Edward Wright (B) Jasper Vinall (C) Walf Slack (D) Max Walkar

Q5. Manna Patel is associated with which sport?

(A) Cricket (B) Baseball (C) Swimming (D) Hockey

Q6. After five decades, who has been appointed as the first Ambassador to Cuba by USA?

(A) Michael MC Kinley (B) James Costos (C) Jaltrey De-Laurentis (D) Joan A Polaschik

Q7. Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Isreal, who died recently, belonged to which political party of Isreal?

(A) Labour Party (B) Zionist Union (C) Likud (D) Yesh Atid

Q8. Who is the Director General of Sports Authority of India?

(A) Injeti Srinivas (B) R.K Saxena (C) V.K Malhotra (D) N. Kanjarani Devi

Q9. On whose report was Justice Lodha’s Panel on BCCI formed?

(A) Gagan Khoda Committee (B) Justice Karju Committee

(C) Justice Mudgal (D) Justice Nazmul Hassan Committee

Q10. Ravinder Singh is associated with which sport?

(A) Basket Ball (B) Archery (C) Athletics (D) Badminton

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