Quiz - 37 Current Affairs

1. Who has been recently appointed as the Deputy National Security Advisor? (A) Rajinder Prasad (B) Rajinder Khanna (C) Rajeev Kumar (D) Ajit Doval Answer: (B) 2. Who is the President of Israel ? (A) Benjamin Netanyahu (B) Angela Merkel (C) Reuven Rivlin (D) GabrineMuguruza Answer: (C) 3. Capital of Myanmar is __________. (A) Naypyidaw (B) Juba (C) Aizwal (D) Kampala Answer: (A) 4. How many Permanent members are there in Security Council ? (A) 15 (B) 8 (C) 5 (D) 10 Answer: (C) 5.The name of Indian Golfer who recently won Asian Tour title Royal cup 2017 is - (A) Shiv Kapur (B) R. Ashwin (C) Sania Nehwal (D) Geet Sethi Answer: (A) 6. Which bank has recently introduced ‘Desktop ATMs’ ? (A) Can

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