Quiz - 36 Current Affairs

1. Baratang Island is situated in- (A)Andaman Island (B)Barrier Island (C)Lakshadweep Island (D)Elephanta Island 2. Kazuo Ishiguro has won the 2017 Nobel Prize for literature. He is a citizen of- (A) Japan (B) China (C) Britain (D) Indonesia 3. Namdapha National Park is situated in which state- (A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Assam (D) Tamilnadu 4. Who is the newly appointed president of Coca Cola- (A) T. Krishna Kumar (B) Rajnish Kumar (C) Prafull Patel (D) Amresh Kumar 5. Who has been conferred with Noble Peace Prize 2017- (A) Juan Manuel Sautos (B) ICAN (C)Donald Trump (D) Khalida Zia 6. First ever Indian sports person who won a gold medal at the Wushu World Championship- (A)

Quiz - 35 Current Affairs

1. Susu dolphin or blind dolphin inhabits in the- (A)Ganges-Brahmaputra river system (B)Ganga-Yamuna river system (C)Narmada-Ganga river system (D)Godavari – Krishna river system 2.The proper management of water resources in the North eastern region is headed by- (A)Vice Chairman – NITI Aayog (B)Ministry of Water Resources (C)Ministry of Home affairs (D)Ministry of Agriculture 3. World teacher’s day is celebrated on- (A) 5th September (B) 6th October (C) 5th October (D) 12th August 4.The 8th confrence of association of SAARC Speakers & Parliamentarians was held at- (A) Thimpu, Bhutan (B) Columbo, Sri Lanka (C) Kathmandu, Nepal (D) New Delhi, India 5. Nobel Prize for 2017 in Chemistry has bee

Quiz - 34 Current Affairs

1. The starting session International confrence on dialogue of civilization –IV was held at? (A) New Delhi (B) Chennai (C) Dholavira (D) Ganga nagar 2. Who won the inagural world open under -16 snooker championship? (A) P.V. Sindhu (B) Tania sachdev (C) Anupama Ramchandran (D) Sunita Rani 3. Which state is not the part of RBI’s first ever financial literacy drive? (A) J & K (B) Odisha (C) Karnataka (D) Bihar 4. Who is the Governor of Gujarat? (A) Kiran Bedi (B) Om Prakash Kohli (C) Najma Heptullah (D) Anil Baijal 5. Which is the largest coffee producing state in India? (A) Maharashtra (B) Kerala (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Karnataka 6. Government has banned the p

Current Affairs

1.State which produces highest yield of Soyabean is- Answer: Madhya Pradesh 2. Lewis Hamilton is a _____ champion. Answer: Formula One 3. Recently, a 3000 km Solar Car race was held at- Answer: Australia 4. The first-ever Miss Wheelchair World pageant was held at- Answer: France 5. 16 new Impatiens walongues breed has been discovered in- Answer: Arunachal Pradesh 6. The BCCI has recommended every Cricketer to pass _____ test to enter into Indian team. Answer: Yo-Yo 7. Famous Comic movie Jaane bhi do Yaron was directed by_____ Answer: Kundan Shah 8. India’s hunger Index score is _____ Answer: 31.4 9. ______ has been elected as the Chairman of

Current Affairs

1. India & Bangladesh have signed a credit agreement of 4.5 billion dollars for- Answer : Infrastructure and Social Sector Development 2. A fiscal deficit occurs when total expenditure exceeds- Answer : Total revenue 3. As ISI is related to Pakistan, KGB is related to- Answer : Russia 4. Djibouti is situated in the Gulf of- Answer : Aden 5. Satish Dhawan Space Center is situated at- Answer : Sriharikota 6. Nobel prize in chemistry for 2017 has been awarded for improving the images made of- Answer : Biological molecules 7. World teacher’s day is celebrated on- Answer : 5thOctober 8. SBI’s newly appointed chairman is- Answer : Rajnish Kumar 9. Govindan Laks

Current Affairs

1. Which Indian port has been recently renamed as Deendayal port? Answer : Kandla Port 2.In which city of Uttar Pradesh Turtle sanctuary is proposed to be set up? Answer : Allahabad 3.Who has been appointed as the head of commission to examine the sub categorisation of OBC? Answer : Justice G. Rohini 4.World habitat day comes in the month of? Answer : October 5.Which two Asian countries will undertake a joint tiger census? Answer : India & Nepal 6.Union Environment Ministry in association with the UNDP has launched a programme called ______ Answer : Secure Himalya 7.There are _____ tiger range countries in the world. Answer : 14 8. SBI’s headquarter is situated at- Answer :

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