Quiz - 33 Current Affairs

1. Headquarters of Social Media platform ‘Twitter' is situated in --- (A) USA (B) France (C) Canada (D) UK 2. Quality Council of India works under which ministry? (A) Ministry of Commerce & Industry (B) Ministry of Home Affairs (C) Ministry of Labour (D) Ministry of Health 3. Fertilizer feeds _________ (A) Plants (B) Water (C) Soil (D) Only Top soil 4. Which ministry has recently launched the portal “PENCIL” (A) Ministry of Women & Child Development (B) Ministry of Home Affairs (C) Ministry of Human Resource Development (D) Ministry of Labour & Employment 5. Recently, Indian army has signed a MOU with which Indian University? (A) JMI (B) DU (C) JNU (D) Bengaluru University 6. Recently held

Quiz - 32 Current Affairs

1. What should be the dimension of edge of a Cricket bat as per new ICC rules ? (A) 40 mm (B) 180 mm (C) 20 mm (D) 10 mm 2. 20th Asian Masters athletics championship was held in which country? (A) China (B) Russia (C) Brazil (D) Pakistan 3. Which is the host country for FIFA U-17 World Cup? (A) India (B) China (C) Brazil (D) Japan 4. Which Asian country will host the South Asian Boxing Championship? (A) India (B) China (C) Japan (D) USA 5. Which is India’s first inter-state river interlinking project? (A) Ken & Betwa river interlink project (B) Ganga & Satluj river interlink project (C) Krishna & Kaveri river interlink project (D) Godavari & Krishna river interlink project 6. Headquarter of

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